• Increase Engagement just by participating?
  • Build questions that really fit with your organisation?
  • Dynamically and measurably drive improvement through the business?
  • Give you simple outputs you can understand that link to business performance?
  • Reach the people other surveys can not reach by making it interesting for your people?
  • Provide instant results and reports allowing immediate action?
  • Provide much more than just a survey?

If Yes, then well done! But we can probably save you money and give you more functionality anyway.

If No, you should consider switching to Collaborate.


Collaborate is a brand new approach to employee surveys that may surprise you and will save you time and money:

  1. It will have more impact across your organisation
  2. Our unique approach allows you to understand your people and helps to drive engagement in the most effective and straightforward way
  3. Instant results using all of the data to show the impact of engagement against business as usual performance
  4. Delivering a greater return on investment than traditional methods at a saving of up to 20%
  5. Wrapping in a range of collaboration tools to drive engagement and aid internal communication


  • Do you get a return on investment from your current survey provider?
  • Would your people be able to identify what had happened since the last survey?
  • Do you know any HR Directors who are fed up with getting a lot of data from their big survey that doesn’t really get used?
  • Are you fed up with being compared with external organisations because the important comparisons are: “how are we doing?” and “how are we progressing?”
  • Would you like to save money on your staff survey at the same time as providing a lot of other functionality that makes it easier to engage and communicate with your people?
  • All of your people spend a large part of their lives on mobile phones, tablets and laptops. Are you communicating using this powerful channel to get your messages across and find out what your people think?


  • Because we can provide the big data that is relevant to you and tells you what you want to know about your people and shows the impact that engagement has against business as usual performance
  • Because we have talked to a lot of employees and identified what they think about their organisation in terms of surveys, communications, reward and creativity
  • Because many employees feel that they are able to provide their opinion at any time via public social media but only at survey time to their employer. They never see any changes as a result of the survey, are never told the results or told what their employer is going to do
  • Because they feel that they have lots of experience but no-one is interested in their ideas and there is no format for them to enter their suggestions or ways for the company to respond
  • Because they feel that internal communication is never about them, their role or their location. They want something more specific to them that they will be interested in. They think that there is much more that could be done than printing posters and newsletters
  • Because they feel “no news is good news” – no one tells them how well they are doing or rewards them. Frequently the managers do recognise their people but just don’t make it obvious to everyone else
  • To address these issues we have developed a cloud based platform for your staff that has a huge amount of functionality that we are able to offer for less than you pay for a normal survey. We will save you money and provide a demonstrable return on your investment


Don't just take our word for it though...


Wolseley Group Plc – A FTSE 100 Company

"We chose Collaborate because it provides a fresh approach to employee engagement surveys, making it part of business as usual and really connecting with our people at the same time"

"By integrating data with communication and engagement tools the Collaborate platform allows us to understand our people and the impact of engagement better and give them a little bit more"

Vodafone Group Plc – A FTSE 100 Company

We are best judged by the company we keep

UBM Plc – A FTSE 250 Company

We are best judged by the company we keep

Unilever Plc – A FTSE 100 Company

We are best judged by the company we keep

BT Group Plc – A FTSE 100 Company

We are best judged by the company we keep


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